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Store internationale navne til MES konferencen hos Novo Nordisk

Fremtidens fleksible MES er i fokus ved DAu's næste konference, der afholdes mandag den 23. september hos Novo Nordisk. Til konferencen deltager flere store internationale navne fra MESA og Cisco.

- Det er med stolthed, at DAu kan præsentere flere internationale keynote speakers fra både MESA og Cisco, som vil fokusere på de nyeste globale trends inden for MES. Hermed supplerer de det øvrige program, hvor vi ser på førende danske MES-løsninger tilpasset stigende krav til compliance, sporbarhed og effektivitet, siger Ernst Madsen, Technology Specialist, Novo Nordisk og konferenceansvarlig for DAu.

Du kan se programmet og tilmelde dig konferencen her.

Du kan læse mere om konferencens keynote speakers nedenfor.

The Present and Future of MES in a Changing IT Landscape?
MES is evolving from customized solutions that were inflexible, expensive to install, and expensive to maintain.

The changing Information Technology landscape is offering new opportunities for smaller, more flexible, and more easily upgradeable and maintainable MES systems. Not all vendors are taking advantage of these opportunities and are missing the ability to respond to customers not willing to spend millions of Euros and multiple years on an MES implementation.

Increasing requirements from global supply chains and international trade means that many more manufacturing companies need an MES to eliminate paper, reduce operator errors, and integrate with business systems.

We will present some of the changes in the IT landscape and what it will mean for new MES systems, and how these will allow medium and small companies to better participate in global supply chains and international markets.

Dennis Brandl
Chairman of Americas Board,
MESA International

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Mike James
Chairman of EMEA Board of Directors,
MESA International

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Biography: Dennis Brandl
Dennis Brandl is the founder and chief consultant for BR&L Consulting, specializing in helping companies use Manufacturing IT to improve their production and logistics processes. This has included applications such as Business-to-Manufacturing Integration, MES solutions, batch control, General and Site Recipe implementations, and automation system cyber-security.

He has been involved in automation, MES, and batch system design and implementation in a wide range of applications over the past 25 years. They have included biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical plants and oil refineries, food manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and aerospace systems.

Mr. Brandl has written numerous papers and articles on business to manufacturing integration and flexible manufacturing solutions, has a regular column in on Manufacturing IT issues in Control Engineering, has authored the book “Design Patterns for Flexible Manufacturing”, and has coauthored the book “Plant IT, Integrating Information Technology into Automated Manufacturing”.

Dennis is an active member of the ISA 95 Enterprise/Control System Integration committee, is co-author of the MESA B2MML standards, is a member of the ISA 99 Industrial Cyber-security standards, is the former chairman of the ISA 88 Batch System control committee, and has also participated in the development of OPC and other industrial standards.

In February 2013, Dennis was inducted into the Control Magazine’s Process Automation Hall of Fame, and in 2008 was listed as one of the leading thinkers in manufacturing technology by Managing Automation. He has a BS in Physics and an MS in Measurement and Control from Carnegie-Mellon University, and a MS in Computer Science from California State University.
  Biography: Mike James 
Mike is Chairman and CTO of ATS International B.V., a global, independent solution provider of MES, automation, quality and IT solutions. Mike serves as Chairman of MESA EMEA.

Mike attended Southampton and Bournemouth University, UK where he completed his financial and business education. His career started at Plessey Electronics where traffic, defence, consumer and financial systems were developed and manufactured. He then worked in the ceramics industry and at Allen-Bradley CNC in the UK before being promoted to VP at Allen-Bradley Europa B.V. in The Netherlands where he was responsible for setting up the European organisation and gained his first automation experience.

At Indivers N.V. Mike was responsible for the establishment of aerospace manufacturing units in The Netherlands and the expansion of semi-conductor manufacturing facilities.

ATS was founded in 1986. As co-founder and current Chairman of ATS he has built ATS into a global Independent Solution Provider. Mike’s experience as a manufacturer and as a supplier, coupled with IT engineering and financial skills gives him a laser sharp focus. He specialises in sustainable solutions for the manufacturing industry. Mike is a member of the MES Governance Board at Rolls-Royce Aerospace and at Carlsberg Breweries whilst also leading a number of initiatives in the Automotive, Food and Pharmaceuticals industries. MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems connect shop floor systems with ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Mike is a regular speaker at international events and specialises in combining Lean, Six Sigma and MES techniques to improve sustainability, productivity and quality, a combination which he refers to as “Sticky Lean”. He is also responsible for the establishment of the Global Education Program for MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) and was the founder Chairman.
MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) International is a global not-for-profit industry association dedicated to improving outcomes for businesses and their people through the use of manufacturing information. MESA is comprised of manufacturers, solution providers, and industry thought leaders collaborating to formulate practical strategies to turn plant-floor data into valuable knowledge for enterprise success.

MESA provides world-class networking, an online library comprised of 800+ resources, and an IACET-accredited Global Education Program offering certificates and CEUs. MESA also offers the ISA-95 XML implementations B2MML and Batch ML. www.mesa.org


Your IT infrastructure matters
- Exploit new opportunities and let your MES-system drive your production optimization

Michael Klemen
Enterprise Business Group Lead Automotive Industries EMEAR
Cisco Systems

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Biography: Michael Klemen
Michael Klemen is responsible for business and solutions development for the automotive industries for Cisco in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia. His background in the industry and in IT enable him to help organizations to quickly respond to challenges, identify opportunities, adapt rapidly to changing business models, processes and market demands. Michael is well-versed in innovative collaboration strategies, integrating business processes and technology and supporting change in environments through the use of IT functions.

Before joining Cisco, Michael worked for Accenture, and held management positions at HP, Oracle and SAP. In his previous roles, he had pan-European responsibility for the launch of solutions in supply chain, procurement, manufacturing, and financials. He has led various projects in e-procurement, logistics, and e-marketing and, as a project director, oversaw more than 17 ERP implementations across Europe.

He is a regular lecturer at the Donau University Krems in Austria, and for the Austrian Federal Association of Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics, BMOE.